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Right to Financial Compensation for Victims of Crimes

August 14th, 2013 | Posted by Avocat Duca Diana in EEA Law

According to EU Law, Romanian Law included, victims of crime are entitled to financial compensation, as a consequence of the damages suffered from the offense. It is prerequisite to notify the competent Authorities regarding the criminal offense committed, within 60 days! Moreover there are restrictions imposed when it comes to rewarding the correspondent financial compensation, with regard to the categories of the criminal offense committed, i.e.:

          Attempted homicide, murder and manslaughter, serious injury, a felony which ended with deliberated body injury to the victim, rape, sexual intercourse with a minor, sexual perversion, human trafficking, terrorism and any other offense committed with deliberate violence.

        Who is entitled by law to claim the financial compensation? The Victim, His/ Her Spouse, Descendents of first degree (Children) and dependents of the deceased persons- victims.

        Conditions for granting financial compensation refer to the victims’ nationality cumulated with the actual place of the offense, e.g. European citizen (Romanian included) or foreigner / stateless person who is a victim of crimes committed in Romania.

In addition, if you are a Romanian citizen, foreigner or a stateless person, victim of a violent and deliberate crime committed on the territory of an EU Member State, you are also entitled / to financial compensation under the rules provided by the International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters Area.

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