Law Office

Portrait of Proficiency

1. Due diligence:
– Advising on legal issues in regard to the Romanian law
2.Companies’s Law-Corporate:
-Assistance and representation, with the Trade Register,
Banks, Fiscal Authority and other relevant authorities
regarding to the:
-incorporation of companies;
– change and extension of the registered
– registration with the Fiscal Authority of the
company’s premises, compulsory for the registration with
the Trade Register of the change of registered address;
– mergers and acquisitions;
– other corporate changes that might incur, e.g.
administrator’s mandate, extension or revocation;
-registration and dissolution of Branches;
– set-up process of the representative offices
and renewal of authorizations;
– fiscal registration and de-registration, for VAT
purposes and fiscal representative for legal entities,
including permanent establishments;
– registration in the Intra-Community Register of
Operators, which includes obtaining the criminal
record for the shareholders and administrators, from
the Romanian Police Department.
3. Expatriate Assistance:
Assistance with the Romanian National Office for
Immigrations regarding to the following:
– obtaining the residence permits and
– obtaining the work authorisation, only for
non-EU citizens;
– obtaining the fiscal registration number;
– secondment issues.

4.Legal Assistance and representation regarding to the
asylum procedure and furthermore, to the citizenship
5. Legal documents preparation and review
This section includes drafting the necessary documents
for the above-mentioned processes and also, contracts
review, e.g. loan contracts, sponsorship contracts, lease
agreements and other agreements that might incur in a
business activity that needs to be in compliance with the
continuously changing Romanian Law.

LL.M. areas:
· Commercial Law
· Labour Law
· Insolvency Law
· Intellectual Property Law
· Competition Law
· Criminal Business Law
Other areas:
Im my capacity, as a Lawyer, I can represent and assist the Client in front
of the courts of law, providing legal counseling, drafting
and signing documents, petitions and appeals for the
Client and carry out any other activities provided by Law
51/1995 (the Romanian Law of Lawyers).