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Managing Partner


EU Business Law and Criminal Sciences


Focused and talented Attorney at Law with extensive expertise in due diligence, companies’ law, expatriate assistance, arbitration and litigation. Diverse skills in various legal tools and functions with vast credentials and talents in International Commercial Law. Multi-faceted background consisting of court cases that combine experience and the creation of innovative, legally advanced business solutions. Excellent work ethic with an aptitude for assessing corporate needs and delivering cost-effective innovations that exceed customer specifications. Lecturer at several National Conferences regarding the EU Law, with published papers. Passionate about ongoing personal professional development. Fluent in English and Romanian.




Benefits/Compensation ~ Business Development ~ Cost Reduction ~ Deployment/Migrations

Labour Relations ~ International Business ~ Insolvency Law~ Intellectual Property Law ~ Dispute Resolution ~ Mergers and Acquisitions ~ Competition Law ~ Criminal Business Law.



Diana Duca Law Office- in collaboration with Schodt Law Firm, Brussels                                         2011—present

International Business Law


Lawyer. Carry out assistance and representation according to the provisions of the Lawyer’s Law.

Key Highlights

  • EU law and EEA law
  • Assistance and representation in competition matters and in respect to the Free Movements within the Internal Market.
  • Assistance and representation before the Romanian Courts of law.



Litigator in commercial law, real estate law, arbitration procedures and mediation.


Lawyer. Handled different projects assigned by the partners related to:

– Real estate issues, like due diligence for ongoing contracts, sale purchase agreements, property right matters;

– Debt recovery via mediation, arbitration procedures or via litigation, enforcements for the refusal of payment;

– Financial Criminal Law.

Key Highlights

•    Provided legal assistance and representation for Companies that acted in the construction field, like Summa Romania, a important construction firm that has build several Malls in Romania and other significant real estate players on the local market, in front of the Romanian Courts of Law and Arbitration Court.

•    Defended individuals interest related to their property right.

•    Presented legal solutions for the clients that brought a substantial feedback, followed by other projects.


Corporate Lawyer.


Lawyer. Acted as attorney at law for the best interest of the clients, which ware worldwide known companies, like Babcock Hitachi, Alcatel Lucent, Jones Lang Lasalle, Horizon, RWE, Raycap Corporation, Nortel, Lyondellbasell Industries, iTouch Movilisto and others, providing legal assistance and representation.


Key Highlights

  • Effectively and efficiently carried out activities necessary for the client’s ongoing business, like drafting Memorandums of Association, Shareholders Resolution, Addendums, Lease Agreements, fiscal registration and de-registration and so on.

•    Provided legal assistance and representation regarding the expatriate issues, like employment, work permits, residence permit, citizenship.

•    Drafted legal opinions related to Intellectual Property Law, the procedures in front of WIPO, and other incident matters.

•    Aligned the provisions of the agreements to the Romanian law in force and to best interest of the client.

•    Conducted the activity of drafting the monthly legislative news letter in close connection with the account manager.

•    Due diligence.


Bar Association of Lawyers                                                                                                                             2008

Registered Member

Freelance Lawyer. Developed legal training and high proficiency.

Key Highlights

•    Acted as a litigator in Labour Law, Insolvency Law and Competition Law, mainly, but also Civil Law and Criminal Law.


SC Vitan Professional Net, Bucharest

Legal advisor.

Manager of the legal department.Legal specialist.                                                          2006-2008

Key Highlights

  • Provided legal advice in all legal matters that occurred, on daily basis, from debt recovery to labour law and insolvency law.


PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bucharest                                                                                                   2004

David & Baias law firm interim ship

Key Highlights

  • Research legislation, translations of agreements, drafting the monthly legislative news letter.






National Institute of Training and Development of Lawyers, Bucharest                                               2009- 2010

Certificate of Senior Lawyer.

Key Highlights

  • Lecturer at National Conferences on EU Law, with published papers, mainly on the Freedom of Movement of Persons.



Master in Criminal Sciences, Bucharest                                                                                               2007- 2008

Graduated with an average of 8.25.

Key Highlights

  • Dissertation named “The forensics methodology of investigation of the felonies within the business environment”.



Master in EU Business Law , Bucharest                                                                                                            2006- 2007

Graduated with an average of 9.22.

Key Highlights

  • Dissertation named “The freedom of persons within the EU, amongst the other freedoms of movement”.



Faculty of Law, Bucharest                                                                                                                                2002-2006

Graduated with an average of 9.50.

Key Highlights

  • Thesis named “The legal Institutions within the EU- the proficiency of the European Court of Justice”.





The National College Unirea, Focsani                                                                                                          1998-2002

Graduated with an average of 9.10.